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Wearing Too Many Hats

I am delighted to be helping so many varied businesses with their marketing and growth plans. I know from first-hand experience how difficult it is to wear so many hats when running your own business. To run a successful business it is essential to focus on what you are best at and outsource the areas that are time-consuming and not in your best skill set.

Steps to avoid overwhelm

  1. Develop a strategic plan to help organise the management of your daily tasks.

  2. Identify the most time-consuming tasks from your daily schedule and create a list of possible solutions to delegate these tasks more efficiently.

  3. Research software or tools that could assist you with streamlining work processes.

  4. Set realistic goals for short and long term for optimising your productivity.

  5. Regularly review what is working to prevent task overwhelm in the future and maintain sustainable work-life balance.

  6. Take on a business mentor to help keep you on track.

  7. Outsource tasks of the business that you are not an expert in

I hope these tips are useful. Please reach out if you would like a chat on how we could be of help.


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